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Your message, even more than your products or services, defines you. So communicating it clearly, visually, and strategically is one of the most—if not, the most—important challenges of your business. That’s why connecting with you, getting to know your stakeholders and what they need, is key to our success, and to yours. Once we know you, we can help others see what you have to say.

Your message, your vision, your visual voice.

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  • Client Type: Special Projects

    Hard Rock Cafe


    Even a great café encounters occasional challenges. To address its clientele’s worry about parking, LP&A solved the problem with a strong message supported by an ad with a strong visual.

  • Client Type: Financial / Legal / Services



    Even a serious business needs to break out once in a while. For the Gilbert LLP digital holiday card, LP&A created messaging and visuals that made the firm more personal and accessible with a bit of levity during the holiday season.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    National Mining Association


    After successful work with the association’s CORESafety project, LP&A was engaged to oversee a new website and marketing materials. In its visual design and development, LP&A keeps pace with ongoing user research and usability testing.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    American Seed Trade Association


    For an association representing more than 700 companies, LP&A created an Annual Report with a clean and simple design that reinforces the association’s image as an innovator.

  • Client Type: Financial / Legal / Services

    Caplin & Drysdale, Attorneys


    A law firm with more than 45 years of experience needs to maintain strong brand messaging. Familiar with the firm’s culture, LP&A delivers consistent recognition throughout Caplin & Drysdale booklets, ads, brochures, and other marketing materials.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    Grocery Manufacturers Association


    All membership publications from an association need a recognizable family look. To achieve this goal, LP&A created a new association logo for the Grocery Manufacturers Association and used it to solidify the new brand throughout its membership publications.

  • Client Type: Financial / Legal / Services

    Financial Health Strategies


    Good brands are flexible and grow with a company’s needs. LP&A maintained a recognizable family image in a morphing brand as Financial Health added a sister company (FH Community Health), and a mother company (Financial Health Strategies) emerged.

  • Client Type: Technology



    When your specialty is IT, you need to look the part. LP&A modified the designDATA logo to create a fresh brand image. A dynamic 20 x 20 modular exhibit shows the new look in action.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations



    The National Mining Association was preparing to launch an international safety campaign to prevent accidents before they happen. During the five-year initiative, LP&A served as the guiding force behind the branding, website, and all collateral materials, overseeing video production, user research, usability testing, digital strategy, social media, and design.

  • Client Type: Financial / Legal / Services

    Capstone Advisory Group


    When the message is complicated, sometimes the answer is to keep things simple. To help Capstone communicate their diverse capabilities, LP&A designed materials that were straightforward and visual, making it easier for clients to connect with the information.

  • Client Type: Personal

    Morning Music | Morning Song


    Writer Elle Nelson teamed up with Larry Paine to create this whimsical rhyming book.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    American Chemistry Council


    Getting kids excited about chemistry is not necessarily an easy task. Enter LP&A with a dynamite poster, molecule set, and teaching guide, and you have a formula for enthusiasm and success.

  • Client Type: Financial / Legal / Services



    The NASDAQ reputation is solid. So LP&A made the new corporate brochure look timeless, corporate, and a bit edgy. Mission accomplished.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    Association of
    Governing Boards
    of Universities
    and Colleges


    To represent a national institution that serves the needs and interests of academic governing boards, boards of institutionally related foundations, and campus CEOs, LP&A developed several print pieces featuring striking images for an attention-getting result.

  • Client Type: Special Projects

    Looney Labs


    When a product is in a crowded market, the packaging needs to make it stand out. Using elements from the Fluxx card games, LP&A created new visuals to differentiate the packaging in a highly competitive market.

  • Client Type: Biotechnology / Medical



    A new logo for an existing company needs to reflect a bit of the past. So LP&A created a fresh new brand logo, but maintained a hint of the familiar TheraCom swash from the old one. The company’s brand still appeals to existing customers, but positions the company better to attract new ones.

  • Client Type: Technology

    iTServer Center


    A state-of-the-art secure data center needs a state-of-the art look. LP&A developed the brand messaging and a visual identify for the iTServer Center.

  • Client Type: Organizations / Associations

    National Asphalt Pavement Association


    Helping to create beautiful roads is the mission of this association. To reinforce that message, LP&A developed a membership recruitment brochure that sings with pride.

  • Client Type: Biotechnology / Medical

    Journal of
    Biological Chemistry


    To attract younger scientists to submit their research to a 100-year-old journal, LP&A spoke to the potential audience with a graphic that brings fresh appeal to the journal’s traditional logo in ads and on T-shirts.


Larry Paine has worked with a wide variety of clients during his many years as a creative director and designer. Listed below is a partial list of companies, associations, and brands that have benefited from his design expertise and strategic execution:

Biotechnology / Medical

  • Advanced Biotechnologies Incorporated
  • Biospherics Incorporated
  • George Washington University Medical Center
  • KPL
  • Martin Marietta Laboratories
  • OncorMed, Inc.
  • Peninsular Testing Corporation
  • Suburban Hospital
  • TRICARE Marketing
  • TheraCom
  • Virginia Hospital Center

Financial / Legal / Services

  • APCO Worldwide
  • ASB Capital Management, Inc.
  • ASB Real Estate Investment Services
  • Caplin & Drysdale LLC
  • Capstone
  • The Calvert Group
  • Financial Health Strategies
  • GEICO Insurance Company
  • GE Information Services
  • Gilbert LLP
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Investment Company Institute
  • NASDAQ Stock Market
  • PHH FleetAmerica
  • Red Badge Consulting
  • WC & AN Miller Realtors
  • TrizecHahn

Organizations / Associations

  • AGB
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Chemistry Council
  • American Psychiatric Press
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Seed Trade Association
  • Council for Opportunities in Education
  • Excellence Through Stewardship
  • Food Marketing Institute
  • Friends of the National Zoo
  • Grocery Manufacturers Association
  • International Franchise Association
  • NTL Institute
  • National Air and Space Museum
  • National Asphalt Pavement Association
  • National Chicken Council
  • National Council on Aging
  • National Education Association
  • National Mining Association
  • NFL Players Association
  • Smithsonian National Associates Program

Special Projects

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Black & Decker U.S., Inc.
  • Clark Construction Group
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Hanley Woods Publications
  • McGraw Hill
  • Looney Labs
  • TBC


  • CTA Incorporated
  • design Data
  • GTSI
  • Highland Technologies
  • IBM Corporation
  • Penril Datability, Inc.
  • Sysorex Systems Information, Inc.


Larry Paine & Associates is proud of its status as an award-winning design studio. Over the past years, Larry Paine has consistently merited national and local recognition in a wide range of categories for his creative thinking and execution:

Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington

Annual Report Cover Design, Booklet Design, Direct Mail Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Portfolio/Menu Design, Poster Design, Self Promotion

Creativity, New York

Annual Report Design, Book Cover Design, Catalog Cover Design, Corporate Identity, Illustration, Logo Design, Newsletter Masthead Design, Self Promotion, Stationery

New York Art Directors Club

Catalog Cover Design, Corporate Identity, Poster Design, Stationery

Printing Industry of America

Annual Report Design, Poster Design, Specialty/Packaging Design

Graphic Design: USA, Desi Award

Catalog Design, Poster Design

Arc International Awards

Annual Report Design

International Editorial Design

Magazine Layout

Hiroshima Museum of Art

Poster Design - Permanent Collection

Catalog Age

Catalog Design


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